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Find amazing cuddle companions near you and around the world today with Cuddle Companions! Experience the healing touch of cuddling with our growing list of 100% real and verified cuddlers. Take cuddlers with you on vacation, business trips, or overnights stays at your place or theirs. Our companions love hobbies while cuddling. Play video games, read books, go on adventures to the beach or park & much more! The simple process takes minutes and you'll be booked for your cuddle buddy whenever you're ready.
Benefits of Cuddling
The Introduction
In a world as fast paced and hectic as ours most people find themselves trapped in an endless cycle of work and sleep with little in between. Introducing the healing therapeutic touch of cuddling can help even the most hopeless person get into a better mood, a focused mindset, and the feeling of being valued so you're ready to take on another day with a kick in your step. You, like everyone else suffer from stress, anxiety, sleep loss, depression, and loneliness, this cannot be helped as these feelings and events are part of the human experience but all these challenges can be downsized to healthy levels once more with a companion to hold, share your feeling with, have meaningful conversations, play video games, read books, receive/give massages, go out to dinner and a movie, and even travel the world for the most complete revival of those feel good hormones in your body. The United States and most developed nations are experiencing increasing rates of depression and aggression each year and many people just don't understand why but the reason is obvious. Humans have become disconnected, we don't communicate, we don't touch, and we don't embrace each other as we used to, without this connection we start feeling empty inside allowing our bodies to grow sicker with each passing day. Science shows the benefits of cuddling and companionship literally makes a person more kind, generous, empathetic, trusting, and loving. It gives us the ability to spark new friendships and relationship while endowing us with the charming characteristics we as humans have always admired and strive to emulate. Without a doubt it helps us grow mentally and physically while balancing our entire system. We are incredibly grateful our Cuddle Companions service is taking off at such an inspiring rate so those who need it can find us and start their healing.

The Hormones and Chemicals
Dozens of well funded studies have shown that a lack of human touch is a huge factor contributing to depression, anxiety, and social awkwardness. With a caring human touch our brains release the feel good chemical oxytocin to sooth our body's ailments and cuddling is proven to be one of the, if not the most effective way of releasing the chemical into your body. This chemical has incredible effects on our minds, bodies, and the way we live our lives. It helps relieve aches, inflammation, cramps, headaches, and stubborn chronic pain that we've tried everything to get rid of. Releasing the chemical also works as a natural antidepressant with zero negative side effects and these studies have even shown it to help relieve even the worst of anxiety disorders. The stress hormone stands no chance against Oxytocin, its ability to alleviate social anxiety and produce a calm feeling of happiness will have your stress levels going down fast while normalizing blood pressure, balancing hormones, and improving digestion leading to many beneficial metabolic effects to your diet and weight goals. Along with oxytocin also comes the release of serotonin and dopamine while inhibiting cortisol leading to a powerful effect to your health and aging process. A stress free person with consistently low levels of cortisol is proven to live longer than anyone else and keep disease at bay even at a very old age. All these beneficial hormones and positive changes can even alleviate issues such as skin rashes, arthritis, joint pain, and poor circulation with just a few sessions. So we now understand that cuddling has immense positive effects on your health, if you feel there is something wrong or missing in your life, the human touch might just be what heals you.

The Promise
We are sure Cuddle Companions and our lovely cuddlers can change your life for the better so let us help you meet cuddlers around the world and get to being a happier, healthier you today. Not only do our cuddlers love to cuddler, they are also expert travel companions ready to travel the world with you, go on relaxing vacations, and experience the beauty our 7 continents have to offer while cuddling and everything else a platonic companionship has to offer. Many cuddlers are also expert tour guides willing to show you around their city and country so if you've had your mind set on a destination but felt a bit overwhelmed by an entirely different culture and people, just pick a cuddler at your destination and we'll book you asap, you'll never have to travel alone again with us. Use our booking form to let us know which cuddler you'd like to book today, tomorrow, this week or whenever. We are always here for our clients working to delivery and improve our therapeutic world class service. With us you truly have nothing to lose and everything to gain. We love feedback, every time we have a satisfied client it motivates us to work harder so please send us a testimonial we can use on our website in the future, your identity can be kept secret if you so choose. Thank you!
The Benefits
Boosts Immune System Decreases stress Improved HQ sleep Calms heart rate Lowers blood pressure Reduces heart disease risk Lowers PTSD Improves recovery rate Fights Inflammation
Lowers anxiety Improves social Skills Improves self-esteem Inhibits cortisol Fights depression Relieves chronic pain Reduces drug cravings Balances hormones
Slows aging process Live longer improves skin conditions More outgoing Improves ability to trust Reduces social fears Increases Optimism Treats shyness
Improves daily motivation Lowers Social Anxiety Improve digestion Helps weight loss Relieves Joint Pain Releases Oxytocin Releases serotonin Releases dopamine