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Find amazing cuddle companions near you and around the world today with Cuddle Companions! Experience the healing touch of cuddling with our growing list of 100% real and verified cuddlers. Take cuddlers with you on vacation, business trips, or overnights stays at your place or theirs. Our companions love hobbies while cuddling. Play video games, read books, go on adventures to the beach or park & much more! The simple process takes minutes and you'll be booked for your cuddle buddy whenever you're ready.
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The Delayed Login Portal & An Update For Our Current Cuddlers
This will be the first of many updates on our website and the development of our services. When we started out, we did not except such a big response right out of the gate, we honestly thought it would take maybe 5-6 months to get to where we are now about five weeks into releasing the service to the public. So with that es..
What It Takes To Be a Professional Cuddler & Travel Companion
As an admin at Cuddle Companions i deal with the applications and bookings proposals most of my day. I also create profiles and have conversations with our cuddlers, answering all their questions about everything and anything Cuddle Companions related. I could do this job 7 days a week, i love it but sometimes we are contac..
Future Professional Cuddlers, Sign up Deals Are Almost Over
When we started advertising our service in the United States and a few other countries 2 weeks ago, we offered some fantastic sign up deals. As time passed the deals offered for Signing up before our launch date got smaller and smaller. At this current date, we are swamped with applications and little time to review them al..
How a cuddling service confuses the mainstream thought
Whenever i first mention Cuddle Companions to some of my friends and business acquaintances, they get this confused expression on their face as if they cannot believe people would be willing to pay for someone's time when it doesn't include any sexual activity. I mention sex because that's usually the first comparison that ..
What Clients Ask About Most When Booking Cuddlers
Since we started Cuddle Companions we've had the opportunity to talk with some of our first clients and get the answers on what makes them worried and skeptical about booking cuddlers most. We are glad the questions are pouring in and that some have been willing to share what's on their mind so we know exactly what needs ex..
Why You Should Cuddle Your Pets & The Benefits
We know it's not possible to have a Cuddle Companion by your side 24/7, we can sure try to provide that service but this blog post is about our pets. You'll learn you can always cuddle with your pet for some very cool health and lifestyle benefits which will also give you a much happier and healthier pet as well. If you don..
Male Cuddlers Will Be Joining Us Soon
When we launch Cuddle Companions we will mostly focus on female cuddlers and build a service around female companionship for a short period of time. When things start being less manic around the office we will start incorporating male cuddlers as well. To do this we will take a bit of time since it will require a bit of wor..
Introducing Cuddle Companions
Welcome to Cuddle Companions ! This is our first post on April 11th, 2016. We are maybe 2 weeks away from launching this website and we can't wait to start reviewing cuddler application and client bookings. We've spend countless hours working on this website and our service adding tons of features and options for cuddlers t..
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