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Find amazing cuddle companions near you and around the world today with Cuddle Companions! Experience the healing touch of cuddling with our growing list of 100% real and verified cuddlers. Take cuddlers with you on vacation, business trips, or overnights stays at your place or theirs. Our companions love hobbies while cuddling. Play video games, read books, go on adventures to the beach or park & much more! The simple process takes minutes and you'll be booked for your cuddle buddy whenever you're ready.
Frequently Asked Questions
Is Cuddle Companions free ?
Yes, Cuddle Companions is free to all clients ! There is no catch or monthly payments. The only thing required to book a cuddler is a deposit, you truly only pay for what you get. The bigger the purchase, the less the deposit required to confirm a booking.
What is your privacy policy ?
Your privacy is very important to us and our reputation as a trustworthy service. Client information and identity is not shared in any way or with any one. We have absolutely no interest in doing anything with your private information but keep it secure for its indented use of booking cuddlers.
How do i become a cuddler ?
To become a cuddler you must fill out the cuddler application form and we'll get back to you as soon as we've reviewed the application. If approved you'll receive your own login information and can start building your very own cuddler profile instantly. Note the login portal is currently underdevelopment, we'll create your profile manually for the time being and send you your password very soon. The application process requires us to verify your phone number and a submission of a few decent quality photos to use for your profile. It is very important for a cuddler to be flexible enough to work with our clients whenever they book you. Too much flaking on clients is bad business for everyone and leaves us with a disappointed client and a bad reputation. You must strive to be professional, entertaining, and flexible with your schedule to be a successful cuddler in the field.
How do i become a cuddler ?
To become a cuddler you must fill out the cuddler application form and we'll get back to you as soon as we've reviewed the application. If approved you'll receive your own login information and can start building your very own cuddler profile instantly. The application process requires us to verify your identify and your profile once it's complete. It is very important for a cuddler to be flexible enough to work with our clients whenever they book you. Too much flaking on clients is bad business for everyone and leaves us with a disappointed client and a bad reputation. You must strive to be professional, entertaining, and flexible with your schedule to be a successful cuddler in the field.
How do i book a cuddler ?
Select a cuddler and let us know your booking details using our simple booking form and make a payment on our payment page. Once payment is received we'll confirm the booking with your cuddler and have them contact you around at or around your preferred time. If your selected cuddler can't make the booking at your preferred time for some reason, we'll work with both of you to find a perfect date that will work for everyone. You will never have to worry about payment sent to us because as long as you've made a payment, it is good to use on any cuddler at any future date.
How do i book a cuddler ?
The proper order of communication is as follows: Introduce yourself to your favorite cuddlers and have a conversation about the session > Select a service or send a booking proposal > make a deposit > send contact information > unlock messages for 72 hours. Of course once a deposit is made, you're free to communicate by phone, email, or whatever other contact method you choose. To view more in-depth information on our message system and booking process head to the message system tutorial.

We can also do the booking for you by using the booking form. We'll quickly get you set up with a mutually agreed upon session, date, and time.
How do i pay ?
Paying for a session with a cuddler is easy, visit our payment page and input the amount you need to pay for the desired booking of a cuddler. Most cuddlers have their own prices which stand alone from standard pricing on the site so please review their profile carefully to accurately make your payment and avoid the hassle of further payment later on. Only 40% of the payment is required in advanced, the other 60% will be given to the cuddler through her choice of payment before the session starts. We allow for a few payment options such as the beautifully simple where our official tag link is $cuddlecompanions, the universally known Paypal and simply checking out with our credit/debit card gateway here.
How do i pay ?
In order to book a cuddle companion, clients must make a small percentage of the booking's payment. The more hours or the more expensive the services you're seeking, the lower the deposit required to book the cuddler. The rest of the payment will be given directly to the cuddler once you meet for the session. To view all this information and more about the message system and booking process, head to the messaging tutorial.

When booking a session through customer support using our booking form, you can make a payment by visiting our payment page and input the percentage required for the desired booking of a cuddler. Do not make a payment until we can confirm the booking with your selected cuddlers. We allow for a few payment options such as the beautifully simple where our official tag link is $cuddlecompanions, the universally know Paypal and simply checking out with our credit/debit card gateway here.
What is a booking proposal ?
When messaging a cuddler you will see an option to propose a session or trip. Using this feature, you can create a specialized and unique offer set to your desired services, price, date, and length. Once the cuddler receives your offer, they may accept it or reject. If they accept, you may proceed to making a small deposit for the booking + sending them your contact information along with the deposit, and you're all set. If they reject your offer, you will be notified of the reason and the appropriate changes can be made to fit their conditions with a new proposal. Please don't use this feature to try and get a lower priced session, most cuddlers are set in their own prices and will only consider their standard prices and generous offers.
How does site moderation work ?
Our admins moderate profile updates to make sure everything is within our terms and no adult content is added to the site. Our system also auto moderate messages to make sure there is no harassment, spam, and our booking and deposit rules are always followed. Once a deposit has been made, the messages go unmoderated for 72 hours for your convince. We do our best to construct a system and environment that makes it clear both clients and cuddlers are here to book and be booked.
Is anyone welcome to be our client ?
Everyone is welcome to become our client and find a cuddle companion. Our cuddlers do not judge and accept everywhere for who they are, no matter their background.
What is incall and outcall ?
Incall means the cuddler invites you over to their private home or residence for the sessions and outcall means the cuddler will drive out to your place, motel, hotel, theater, park, beach etc.. for the session. As a client you are obligated to tip the cuddler if they must drive more than 30 minutes to your location. Review our pricing page for full details on that cost.
What is a traveler & travel companion ?
A traveler is a cuddler willing to be your travel companion and cuddle buddy ! Meaning you can book a cuddler to join you on a vacation anywhere in the world and experience the healing of cuddling in the most relaxing ways imaginable. Unless stated otherwise in their profile price list, a travel companion must be booked for a minimum of 2 days and prices will vary from profile to profile. We will do our best to help you begin your travels with your cuddle companion based on availability and desired dates. The client must pay all the travel expenses of the cuddler.
What is a guide ?
A guide is cuddler and tour guide that is willing to show you around their city for a completely local experience. This option is perfect for the lone traveler looking to really experience a destination as a local does with the bonus of a delightful cuddle companion. Dive into the world and life of you cuddle companion and enjoy the sights!
What are invites ?
Invites allows our clients to create personalized and unique offers for our cuddlers to browse through. Cuddlers can apply for the invites they like most and show their interest in a client's proposal. When a client chooses a cuddler, they can proceed with the booking as usual, confirm the invite with a deposit, and get ready for the exciting session or trip ahead. Invites are very private, only cuddlers can see the profiles and profile names of the users posting invites. Your privacy is always a considered.
What clothing can I wear for a session ?
You may wear anything as long as it covers up private areas. A minimum of shorts and a t-shirt is required for both parties. This is a platonic service so everyone must dress properly for any cuddling session. Of course there are exceptions to this rule if you are at a beach, theme park, or a swimming pool where you may dress according to the laws of the city you are in.
Can i talk during a session ?
Talking is completely optional and up to your preferences. Our cuddlers love making people happy and are equipped with great listening and conversation skills. If you have problems that need to heard, our cuddlers are here for you.
What is your cancellation policy ?
You may cancel an appointment within 24 hours of a session and book another session at any time in the future. Refunds are issued when a cuddler fails to go through with a booking or is unresponsive. You may also choose to let us hold on to your payment without expiration and use it on any other cuddler when you're ready. If you cancel another session in the future after having canceled an appointment once, a $50 cancellation fee will apply. If you cancel an appointment 23 hours before a session, a $50 cancellation + 25% of booking fee will apply. If you don't show up for an appointment or attempt to cancel after the appointment, you will be charged 50% of your booking. The cancellation fees are added for the inconvenience of the cuddler, they have to make time and prepare for a session for you so please keep that in mind when booking a cuddler. Cancellation fees can be wavered by booking another cuddler for 10+ hours ($600 or more) within a week.
What is your refund policy ?
Cuddle Companions issues refunds when a cuddler decides to cancel or is unresponsive. Cancellations are understandable sometimes but unresponsive cuddlers are quickly removed from our service to keep clients from wasting their time in the future. In the rare event a client and cuddler cannot find an agreed upon time to meet, we will do our best to help you book any other cuddlers you favor from our growing list of companions. We promise to make your booking process as simple and quick as possible so you can get set up with a cuddler at your desired dates. Payments made to us will NEVER expire and can used at any time in the future with any cuddler.
What is the client/cuddler agreement ?
The client/cuddler agreement is an important set of rules and regulations every client and cuddler must accept when contacting us or simply using our service and website. You must agree there will be no sexual activity during the session and no mentioning or suggesting anything beyond a platonic companionship among other things that are most likely common sense to all you good and decent people out there. We cannot provide our service to anyone unable to agree with the contract.
What is the hygiene policy ?
Both client and cuddler must shower, groom, and brush their teeth before a session and keep the perfume and cologne to a very minimum. If you have a request for a specific scent such as coconut, strawberry, etc.. let the cuddler know before the session and obtain the bottle of perfume or cologne for them.
Do we have to only cuddle?
Our cuddlers are there to do whatever it takes to make you happy through a platonic companionship. You can chat, cook a meal, go out to dinner, play games, read, explore the city, give each other massages, travel together, etc.. as long as everything stays platonic.
How experienced are the cuddlers?
Our cuddlers range from amateur to professionals in the many fields of cuddling and companionship. Most have great masseuse skills, conversation skills, companion expertise, and of course all have great cuddling skills.
What if i want to pause my profile ?
As a cuddler, if you ever need a break from bookings and sessions, you can hide your profile from the service temporarily by heading to your profile editor and selecting "Hide my profile" under "Status". Whenever you return just change your status to what's most appropriate for your situation and you're profile will be live again. You can also let clients know that you are away from your profile but still accepting inquiries by selecting "I'm currently unavailable". This will change let users know you are away but still accepting messages and inquiries. For best results and most bookings we recommend you keep the status at "I'm available today" as often as possible.
What if i become aroused ?
Becoming aroused is completely natural and should not make one feel embarrassed but understand that no sexual activity will take place during a session. You can switch positions or take a break if you feel awkward about it, our cuddlers are very understanding in all these matters.
Can i tip the cuddler ?
Feel free to tip your cuddler by visiting their profile or your messages with them and find the tip button to send them your appreciation. Everyone loves to be spoiled and complimented for an excellent service. It's also a great way to get noticed !
What are the benefits of cuddling ?
Check out our benefits page to learn about all the great things a cuddling can do for a human being. It is a power touch therapy that calms the mind, eases anxiety, eliminates stress, and so much more to boost your mood for days and weeks to come.
How can i support Cuddle Companions ?
If you as a cuddler or client appreciate our service, there are a few ways you can helps us out without spending a dime. Cuddle Companions is affiliated with popular restaurants, hotels, and airlines all over the world. If you purchase your arrangements by visiting our affiliates through our site, we receive a commission on those purchases and it costs you nothing extra. You can browse our affiliates in your dashboard once logged in or check them out through our footer links. You may also help us by spreading the word through social media, and like or follow us on all our social media pages. For everyone that supports us, thank you !
What if the cuddler doesn't show up or cancels a booking ?
If in the very rare (hasn't happened once yet) a cuddler decides to not show up for a session and doesn't notify you, we will give them a small window to answer and explain themselves or they will be suspended or more likely terminated for our service. We will also offer you a 10% discount on your next booking for your troubles. To prevent such rude events from taking place we are very strict with our policy on cuddlers not showing up for a session. We generally give them 1 or 2 strikes then we remove them from our service, no wiggle room. If someone doesn't show up for work or doesn't do their job, they get fired. We'll practice that age old tradition here.
Are all cuddlers verified ?
Yes, all cuddlers are 100% real and get verified before we approve & add them to our service.
Does Cuddle Companions screen users ?
At Cuddle Companions we strive to provide our cuddlers and clients with the right tools to make informed decisions regarding who they're booked by and who they book. We don't routinely perform background checks on Cuddle Companions though we reserve the right to.

Cuddle Companions offers a number of features that help our cuddlers take control of their work. The cuddler may request any information about the client they find appropriate, cuddlers are never forced or pressured into taking a proposed booking and all the power of accepting a booking lies in the hands of the cuddler. Cuddlers may request a photo of their client for security reasons and are ultimately in charge of the events taking place during a session by using our counter proposal option when they are not satisfied with the initial plans of the booking proposal.

We want to build a trusted community for cuddlers and clients alike. To help ensure your safety, we ask everyone of ours users report any misconduct and suspicious or inappropriate activity. Anyone violating our terms gets banned from our service permanently.
My question isn't here ?
Send us an email using our contact form and we'll answer any and all questions you might have as a client or cuddler.
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